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Beautiful PhotographyFor Camera-shy People

Awkward in front of the camera and disappointed with how you look in photos?

Welcome to Berties Photography.

I’m Justine Burton and I’m delighted to see you’ve found me here in my little nook of this vast internet. Come on in, kick off your shoes and let’s talk about photography that doesn’t fill you with dread.

Having had a fair few dreadful photos of myself over the years, when I become a professional photographer 10 years ago, I spent some time training, working out what made the good ones good, and the awful ones so awful.

It’s fair to say that how you feel at the time has something to do with it. Let’s face it, posing with a camera held by a complete stranger, it’s not really a surprise you’d feel anxious about the results.

TRUST ME, I’m a photographer (trained, experienced and qualified) I haven’t just picked up my camera and thought this is what I’ll do today (ok, maybe ten years ago that was true!)

Since then, I’ve learnt about the best light, backdrop and flattering angles for your body shape. I’ve trained with some of the top branding, wedding and family photographers in the country. Add to that my relaxed, enthusiastic and friendly personality. I have a knack for setting everyone at ease and getting the very best out of those in front of my camera.

Based near Guildford in Surrey; London , Hampshire and Berkshire are all within 30 minutes from me.  I work across Branding Photography for small businesses, Events photography, weddings, family portraits and commercial headshots.

Wedding Photography

My wedding photography is a mix of modern documentary style photography and artistic portraiture. We'll take the time out to capture those all important portraits and family shots, while also capturing un-staged shots to tell the story of your day.

Family Photography

I love family photoshoots! My goal is to capture each of your personalities, the love and laughter that you all share. Life is busy, and time is fleeting. It's important to preserve these precious moments.

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