Well, Hello there you

and Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

I am Justine, an award winning, qualified, female photographer living in Hampshire with my husband of 23 years, two teens and an over- loved Labrador called Jonty – as a family we are known as The Berties.

I drink red wine.

My favourite day is Sunday, when I go for a family dog walk, eat a delicious roast cooked by my wonderful husband and watch a film. With a glass of red wine of course.

My other favourite day is any day I am photographing. I am incredibly lucky to do a job I really enjoy.

I also like days when I am lying on a beach in the sunshine A lot.

Or mooching about in an independent homeware store.

I wouldn’t be described as an exercise enthusiast. Except if you count spas. I’ll do a dog walk, as it has purpose, that purpose being, it brings my dog and I joy.

I love people.

Everyone is welcome here.

I am hugely empathic and genuinely enthusiastic about all things people; getting caught up in the sheer excitement, joy or sadness of the moment you are in and reflecting that back in the photos I take.

I am a true ENFP personality type. It very much influences the way I work and how I approach your photoshoot (whether it’s branding, family, weddings or events)

To really capture who you are, I insist on getting to know you.

I smile A LOT.

Mostly because I am happy and when I’m not, I’ll listen to a podcast, an audible book, or go for a walk to lift my mood to smiling again.

I’m not mad-keen on having my photo taken either.

I believe in the same way music can transport you back to a moment in time, your photos are a tangible memory too.  In other words if you aren’t enjoying having your photo taken you’ll remember that whenever you look at them. It’s unlikely you’ll like the end results.

I therefore endeavour to make that moment as effortless, fun and comfortable as possible throughout all my shoots and for everyone that’s in them. One of the greatest compliments I often get is people assuming I am an old friend of my client and their family.

I am almost entirely booked by word of mouth, by people who have met me.

Apart from you of course …. but we’ll be friends soon enough.


Why not book a chat to see?

A portrait sounds rather formal but it doesn’t need to be .. let me show you how I can create beautiful, natural cherished memories of ALL your family , on all the special occasions.

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”– Paul Caponigro