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Mother’s Day – it’s not too late!

Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day during a pandemic? You’re not alone! In normal times you might have treated Mum to a Sunday lunch at the local pub, coffee and cake at the garden centre, or possibly a bit of a shopping trip, but that’s all out the window thanks to the coronavirus. Need some inspiration – quick? Popular Mother’s Day gift ideas this year centre around things mum can enjoy at home, from gardening…

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Half Term Family Activities with Teenagers during Tier 4

With half term coming up – where in normal circumstances we might hope to get some break from work and school, we are pretty restricted in what we can do. Sadly certainly no mini breaks or day trips and we can’t even meet with friends or eat out. It therefore seems all the more important for me to try and do something with my two – even just one thing, in order to be different from the day to day. The recent bout of snow we had here in Hampshire gave us all a much needed boost. I saw my two…

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Berties 2020

2020 started with an exciting full diary across all my photography genres of business, events, weddings and Families. It therefore seems a bit bonkers to be writing my first ever blog, in what turned out to be one the quietest working years for me since I began my photography business 7 years ago. With the way the year has gone I guess it’s pretty fitting too. Putting this round up of 2020 together has been really lovely. It’s reminded me that despite this tough year, that there have been many…

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